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Dockyard was a program that allowed you to have multiple docks and switch between them via the menu bar, a Dashboard widget, or a standalone application. Unfortunately, incompatibility with Spaces and a large codebase led to its retirement. For a program that provides similar features, take a look at Dock Spaces from NSCoding.

Custom menu extras have been prohibited on Mac OS X for several versions, so the Dockyard menu extra will not run without a separate enabling plug-in. I am not sure if any such plug-ins are available for Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Thanks to Cocoa Dev Central for their menu extra tutorial, Apple and mmalc for the drag and drop array controller, CocoaDev for useful code additions, Apple again for the combined image/text cells, Rainer Brockerhoff's RBSplitView, Kritter's Foundation Collections Palette, James G. Speth for a fix to the Javascript/Objective C interface, and Darren Ford for an index set enumerator.

Dockyard menu extra

Dockyard widget, front and back

Dockyard Manager

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