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Dockyard Widget 1.0


To upgrade from the menu extra version of Dockyard, simply hold command and drag its icon away from the menu bar before opening the widget. You MUST do this for any version of the Dockyard menu extra prior to 1.6, or the menu extra and widget will not be synchronized. If you wish to keep the menu extra in addition to the widget, make sure you upgrade to Dockyard 1.6 or later before installing the widget.


Dockyard is a very handy program that lets you switch your Dock into different configurations at will. Simply double-click on Dockyard.wdgt to have it open in the Dashboard.

If you have not used Dockyard before, you will start with a single dock named "Default," which contains the current contents of your Dock. To add another Dock, flip the widget over by clicking the small Info (i) button in the lower-right corner of the widget. Then type in a name, choose which items you would like it to have (from the Dock and Dashboard menus), and click "add". Now you should have two seperate dock configurations! To switch between them, flip the widget back to the front and click on the name of the dock you want. It's that easy!

If you ever get tired of a certain dock, flip the widget back to the preferences side, choose the Dock you want to get rid of, and click "delete". Watch out, this cannot be undone! Renaming works in the same way, except you need to type the new name into the "Dock Name:" field before clicking "rename".

The Dockyard widget is fully compatible with Dockyard Manager and version 1.6 of the Dockyard menu extra. This means that any changes made in any of the three programs will be reflected in each of the others.

Finally, Dockyard now includes the ability to switch Dashboards as well as Docks. This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled on the back side of the widget. If you enable this feature, you may want to add Dockyard to each Dashboard in order to make switching back easier.


In Mac OS X Tiger, the Dashboard is run from the Dock. This means that switching docks will also cause the Dashboard to restart, regardless of whether or not you have Dashboard switching turned on. This is normal and unavoidable.