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Ever click on a mailto: link, only to scream in frustration as Apple Mail opens yet again? The curse of the webmail user is that there is no way to get around this problem. That is, until now.

Webmailer is an unoriginally named program that catches mailto links and sends them to your favorite webmail system. You can set it to open any URL or run any shell script, complete with the parameters lifted from the mailto link.

Webmailer comes with links for several popular webmail sites, including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and several webmail programs, such as SquirrelMail and Roundcube. You can also add your own configuration.

Webmailer's preference pane


  • is exactly what I was looking for. This functionality seems so basic I can't believe it isn't an integrated part of Safari. — Ed Heller via email
  • Your program is a Godsend. I'm soaking in it RIGHT NOW...It's a great bit of software, and something that Apple should offer with EVERY copy of .Mac. — John Venzon via email
  • ...all I could ask of you in the future is that you make Webmailer able to make coffee. — Rosanne Cashriel via email

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