Belkadan Software

Want to just run a quick shell command without leaving your current app? That’s what Hermit Crab is for. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Summon Hermit Crab with a keyboard shortcut.
  2. Run your command.
  3. There is no step 3.

Hermit Crab also allows you to copy the results of a command, re-run previous commands, and easily switch over to working in Terminal. And when you’re done, it’ll get out of your way so you can go back to your work.

See Hermit Crab as it appears on your desktop.

The easiest way to get Hermit Crab is to use Homebrew:

brew tap belkadan/apps
brew install --cask --no-quarantine hermit-crab

You can also download it directly and follow Apple’s directions for opening an app that hasn’t been notarized. Read more about why Hermit Crab isn’t notarized.

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