Online Communication

I’ve been thinking about different sorts of internet communities, and how they can feel pretty different based on their primary medium. By “community” I mean a group you specifically choose to be part of, a group where you can recognize other “regulars”…a group that feels like a “place” that feels comfortable. Sometimes this is going to be a closed group of friends; other times it’s friends-of-friends that come and go; still others it’s people oriented around a common interest. But as far as text-based online media go, I think they fit into five main categories: Messaging, Chat Rooms, Livestream Chat, Comment Threads, and Forums.

Soft Orders of Magnitude

If there’s one safe thing to complain about for any software development process, it’s that build times are too long. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minute, five minutes, or a hour—it could always be shorter. No one’s going to argue with that, right?

Misleading Metrics and UX Tradeoffs

Imagine you have a search feature, and you find that basically no one is using it. That is, the number of loads you get on the dedicated search page is tiny. You make a tweak to your UI, and suddenly way more people are going to the search page! Sounds like a win, right?

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