Run-time Polymorphism in Swift

This has come up several times on the forums, but I’ve never written it up in a standard place, so here it is: There are only three ways to get run-time polymorphism in Swift. Well, three and a half.


A few days ago Julia Evans posted this:

has anyone made a read-only FUSE filesystem for a git repository where every commit is a folder and the folder contains all the files in that commit?

the idea is that you could just run cd COMMIT_ID and poke around instead of checking out the commit

and maybe the branches could be symbolic links to the commit folders?

And I did in fact do something very like that, back when I was playing with FUSE! But I never put it up anywhere cause it had an annoying build process, and didn’t seem to add much, and—

There's No Such Thing As "Implicitly Atomic"

If I have an aligned machine-word-sized variable (Int) and I store to it from Thread A, then I know Thread B might see the old value instead of the new value (because of per-processor caching, or the compiler “hoisting” a load to earlier in the function). But there’s no way, on a modern processor, that Thread B sees a mix of the old and new value, right? That can only happen with wider values, or unaligned values, that the code may update non-atomically, right?

This question is paraphrased from the Swift forums, though I’m not linking to it cause it’s in the middle of a larger thread and it’s something people might reasonably ask anyway. My response, lightly edited, is below; it is Swift-oriented but also applies to C, C++, and Rust.

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