Rescuing Files From Classic Mac OS...with Swift!

My winter break project was getting the files off an old PowerBook from the 90s (my dad’s old work computer) that I’ve had lying around for a while. (There’s probably not anything of interest there to anyone but our family, but who knows?) I’ve looked at this before, but it’s hard to get a 25-year-old computer to talk to a modern OS.

The Two Faces of Codable/Serde

Swift has a pair of protocols, Encodable and Decodable, which represent generic encoding of a tree structure. These protocols are special in that the compiler can provide a default implementation for them under many circumstances. Similarly, Rust has a project called Serde which likewise is used for roughly the same purpose; Serde’s traits are even more complicated than Codable’s, but have even more powerful code synthesis via Rust’s proc-macros. Both tools are very useful but occasionally frustrating, and I think some of the frustrating areas come from a tension between two competing use cases.

Swift was always going to be part of the OS

Recently on the Swift Forums, someone complained that putting Swift in the OS has only made things worse for developers. My immediate reaction is a snarky “welcome to the world of libraries shipped with the OS”, but that’s not helpful and also doesn’t refute their point. So here’s a blog post that talks about how we got where we did, covering time when I worked on Swift at Apple. But I’m going to have to start a lot earlier to explain the problem…

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