Suffusion: Playing with Filesystems

In addition to the personally-long-awaited launch of Hermit Crab, I’ve also spent the last week or so making a limited but easy-to-use Swift wrapper around the FUSE APIs, which I’ve dubbed Suffusion. Suffusion is heavily inspired by the FUSE on macOS project’s Objective-C APIs, but simplified down to only support read-only filesystems, which is all I really want right now.

Introducing the Game 'by Color

When designing ROSE-8, I realized that the last 8-bit CPU architecture I had learned about was the Nintendo Game Boy, via Eevee’s Cheezball Rising series. That gave me a goal for ROSE-8: implement a system that could display graphics and receive real-time button presses, and thus play games. As I hinted last time, I did indeed manage to achieve this! Introducing the Game ’by Color (pronounced like “Game B Color”).

ROSE-8: Console Mode

A few weeks ago I got sucked into designing a toy 8-bit CPU, ROSE-8, and got as far as writing an emulator for the machine that you could manually feed instructions to. At the end, I listed some future projects, the first of which was

  • An assembler/interpreter, i.e. running from a text file (and outputting to a binary file, I guess). Writing arrays of instructions by hand (as shown above) isn’t so bad except for manually computing addresses and offsets, so I still want to get to this at some point.