Quick Look in TextMate

Yes, I’m one of those coders who still uses TextMate, the four-year-old plaintext editor for Mac OS X. And when I say “four-year-old”, I mean it’s been four years since a major update. (Every now and then point updates are still pushed out, but TextMate 2 is the “Duke Nukem Forever” of the Mac text editor land. Oh wait.)

Anyway, I was browsing around for interesting plug-ins and came across one that purported to provide Quick Look functionality to the files in the project outline. Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible with Snow Leopard. So, what’s a plug-in hacker to…

Alerts Without Apps (or nibs)

Quickie for today that some people might find handy. (I need to start posting much more. And reorganize a bit.)

Just yesterday I found myself wondering what to do when Dockyard would crash. The new Dockyard uses the wonderfully transparent distributed objects of Cocoa, which become staggeringly destructive when the remote process crashes. If you only used the data in a few places, or transferred everything by-copy, then you can probably recover. But in the bindings-intensive AppKit world of Dockyard Manager, you’re going to crash before you can say [[self window] close:nil] (I tried.) The bindings all try to update…

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