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I’ve had a connection with text adventures for a long time, coming back to the format year after year. For the most part I’m not a player of text adventures, but instead an enthusiast for implementations thereof. I’ve talked before about using this as a way to learn a new language and to learn about parsers, but I also just like making them, an effort that has shaded off from actual plausible implementations into mildly unusual attempts at the format. The latest of these is to just host the world in the filesystem.1

Z shell

Failing to keep up with my (bi)weekly postings, I return nonetheless to post something of interest to fellow developers. This post is on my latest Unix-shell-of-choice, the Z shell (zsh).

For a long time I was a bash user, actually since a little after the switch from tcsh to bash in Panther. Bash (the “Bourne-again shell”) is useful and dependable and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not, something I felt tcsh (and the C shell family in general) was occasionally guilty of. But I got fed up with the context-insensitive completions and uncustomizable keyboard shortcuts, at about the same…

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