ROSE-8 on Mac OS 9

Swift on Mac OS 9

It’s April 1, and that means it’s both April Fools’ Day and the anniversary of the founding of Apple Inc. While this year is a sober one due to current events, I think a lot of people still appreciate what people are creating and sharing to keep spirits up, whether that be music or art or…impractical programming projects. And while pranks on April Fools’ seem less and less fun1, obvious jokes and whimsy, not at anyone’s expense, are still something I believe in…and even better if they actually work.

Last year I implemented the world’s best code visualizer. This year I decided to seriously attempt something that I’d thought about in the past: getting a Swift program to run on Mac OS 9.

Color Palette #8

A few days ago I was poking around the resources for a good old Mac game, Maelstrom. The port to Mac OS X (now just “macOS”) mostly left the resources of the old game in their original format, the Macintosh “resource fork”; the only difference is that it stores the resources as normal data instead of in the special part of the filesystem where they used to live.

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