GenericToolbar and IB3

About a month and a half ago I got an e-mail from a GenericToolbar user telling me that GenericToolbar didn’t work with Leopard, or more specifically with IB3. The nib file reported a missing plugin and then wouldn’t load because the GenericToolbar class couldn’t be found.

Interface Builder 3 does not use IB2 palettes.

At this time I actually did not have Leopard myself, developer preview or otherwise. As such I wasn’t able to do anything at the time. When I actually did get Leopard, however, I set to work on the problem immediately (after making sure my most mainstream…

GenericToolbar Icon

Short term news: GenericToolbar has a new icon, replacing the old, too-small version modified from IB’s Windows palette. The new icon is based on the top right corner of my defaut Xcode window. (Yes, I know you can customize the toolbar by right/control-clicking, or from the menu item, or from the toolbar “pill” button. I happen to like the Customize item.) Anyway, despite not having any new features to add to GenericToolbar, the icon has changed.

Don’t worry, a real update for GenericToolbar is coming once I get my hands on Leopard. At the very least there will be a…