A few days ago Julia Evans posted this:

has anyone made a read-only FUSE filesystem for a git repository where every commit is a folder and the folder contains all the files in that commit?

the idea is that you could just run cd COMMIT_ID and poke around instead of checking out the commit

and maybe the branches could be symbolic links to the commit folders?

And I did in fact do something very like that, back when I was playing with FUSE! But I never put it up anywhere cause it had an annoying build process, and didn’t seem to add much, and—

Rescuing Files From Classic Mac OS...with Swift!

My winter break project was getting the files off an old PowerBook from the 90s (my dad’s old work computer) that I’ve had lying around for a while. (There’s probably not anything of interest there to anyone but our family, but who knows?) I’ve looked at this before, but it’s hard to get a 25-year-old computer to talk to a modern OS.

Suffusion: Playing with Filesystems

In addition to the personally-long-awaited launch of Hermit Crab, I’ve also spent the last week or so making a limited but easy-to-use Swift wrapper around the FUSE APIs, which I’ve dubbed Suffusion. Suffusion is heavily inspired by the FUSE on macOS project’s Objective-C APIs, but simplified down to only support read-only filesystems, which is all I really want right now.