Last weekend I spent several hours on Tunic’s “offline” puzzle: its written language, dubbed “Trunic” by its fans. Several hours was actually less than I expected it to take! And figuring out the answer was satisfying and I immediately wanted to write something in Trunic myself.

(Which I have represented here as a screenshot without useful alt text so it doesn't become an unwanted hint.)

Multiplayer Slipways

I’ve been enjoying Slipways, a space exploration/economy game with the tagline “Build vast space empires. Still be done in time for lunch.” Roughly speaking, Slipways is a mini version of Stellaris the way Polytopia (also recommended) is a mini version of Civilization.

But Polytopia is a multiplayer game, and I like casual multiplayer games like that. And Stellaris and Civilization support multiplayer too. And even though Slipways isn’t a combat game, or really a competitive game in any way1, I think you could make a good cooperative multiplayer game out of it: two empires trying to achieve the highest possible score together.

Re: Twitter

Twitter was

  • a place where my shitposts started conversations (or at least joke threads), and where I could participate in conversations (or at least joke threads) on other people’s shitposts

  • a comments section for my blog that wasn’t on my blog, and a comments section for others’ blogs even if they don’t have one on their blog

  • a place to learn about other cool people and projects through the people I already know, and a place for other people to learn about me and my projects through the people they already know