A Letter To My Congressional Representatives on the DHS Abuses of Power in Portland, Oregon

Dear Speaker Pelosi / Senator Harris / Senator Feinstein,

There are a lot of crises happening right now, and I could write a letter three pages long simply detailing my fears and frustrations and what I would hope from Congress. “There are a lot of crises” is already a terrifying sentence I never would have hoped to see in my lifetime. But the one that is most concerning at this moment is the abuse of power by the Department of Homeland Security in Portland, Oregon.

Suffusion: Playing with Filesystems

In addition to the personally-long-awaited launch of Hermit Crab, I’ve also spent the last week or so making a limited but easy-to-use Swift wrapper around the FUSE APIs, which I’ve dubbed Suffusion. Suffusion is heavily inspired by the FUSE on macOS project’s Objective-C APIs, but simplified down to only support read-only filesystems, which is all I really want right now.