The simplest thing I can say about Homestuck is “if you liked 17776 there’s a good chance you’ll like Homestuck (but read on), and if you didn’t you almost definitely won’t.” If you haven’t read 17776? I suggest reading that first because it’s a lot easier to get into, and then you can come back here. Even if you don’t like football.

Leaving Apple

After seven years, I’m leaving Apple. Today (November 1) is my last day in office.

Those seven years have been good for me. I started off on the Clang Static Analyzer, and eventually moved onto the secret project that became Swift. As someone interested in programming languages and compilers, Swift was…I don’t want to say the chance of a lifetime, but maybe the chance of a decade, at least. I got to shape and contribute to a language used by people all over the world during its early years, and it’s been a heck of an experience. To everyone in the Swift community, thank you and also I’m sorry for the bugs.