Quick Look in TextMate

Yes, I’m one of those coders who still uses TextMate, the four-year-old plaintext editor for Mac OS X. And when I say “four-year-old”, I mean it’s been four years since a major update. (Every now and then point updates are still pushed out, but TextMate 2 is the “Duke Nukem Forever” of the Mac text editor land. Oh wait.)

Anyway, I was browsing around for interesting plug-ins and came across one that purported to provide Quick Look functionality to the files in the project outline. Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible with Snow Leopard. So, what’s a plug-in hacker to do? Make my own!

If you want to add Quick Look to your TextMate projects, download the plugin (zipped) to ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns and relaunch TextMate. (You should create that folder if it doesn’t already exist.)

Bug reports welcome!