GenericToolbar Icon

Short term news: GenericToolbar has a new icon, replacing the old, too-small version modified from IB’s Windows palette. The new icon is based on the top right corner of my defaut Xcode window. (Yes, I know you can customize the toolbar by right/control-clicking, or from the menu item, or from the toolbar “pill” button. I happen to like the Customize item.) Anyway, despite not having any new features to add to GenericToolbar, the icon has changed.

Don’t worry, a real update for GenericToolbar is coming once I get my hands on Leopard. At the very least there will be a way to convert archived GenericToolbars to and from NSToolbars, hopefully transparently. (Best case situation is to release a new GenericToolbar that, on Panther/Tiger systems, just loads from a Leopard-encoded NSToolbar. But we’ll see if that’s possible.)

And as far as other news goes, Dockyard is back under active development. I’ll just say that pretty much everything everyone’s been asking for will be available, and leave it at that.