Big News

I’m going to Apple.

This is not as exciting for me as it would be for someone else. I actually grew up in Cupertino, and I’ve interned there a few summers ago. I have a lot of respect for Apple’s emphasis on design and quality in their products (there are always exceptions, but the general trend is very good), but I haven’t been dying to work there the way some people might.

What is exciting is what I’ll be doing. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve shifted away from Cocoa development and gotten involved with Clang.

Auspicious Continuation

Has it really been a year and a half – almost two years – since I’ve used this blog? I’ve certainly had things I’ve wanted to say, neat little programming tidbits or war stories or musings on Apple’s current directions. But somehow I never got around to bringing this back online.

Inauspicious Beginnings

A new blog is born every second, the statistics supposedly say. Not that it’s really likely. This blog grew out of a desire to talk about programming and Belkadan Software, but also because of an event that occurred at the dawn of a new year.

About a week ago, I became the victim of one of the lowest tricks around: reverse spamming, i.e. domain name forgery. Within a day I received over 300 bounced e-mails with From and Reply-To addresses at – all spam, mostly about “0EM” software (yes, with a zero). How many messages actually got through with…

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