Big News

I’m going to Apple.

This is not as exciting for me as it would be for someone else. I actually grew up in Cupertino, and I’ve interned there a few summers ago. I have a lot of respect for Apple’s emphasis on design and quality in their products (there are always exceptions, but the general trend is very good), but I haven’t been dying to work there the way some people might.

What is exciting is what I’ll be doing. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve shifted away from Cocoa development and gotten involved with Clang.


From Effective UI:

The point of software isn’t necessarily to engross your users in the experience of using the software, it is to keep them focused on the ultimate goals they’re trying to accomplish in using the software, rather than on the actual use of the software itself. […] To be truly and unobtrusively useful, software must clear the straightest, most frictionless path to the accomplishment of the user’s goals.

Effective UI is a very good book, one of the few instances where a discussion of UI (or UX, “user experience”) doesn’t drive me up a wall. This is…

“Several New Features”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and I apologize to the two people subscribed to my newsfeed. (That may be wishful thinking; I should run it through FeedBurner and find out.) Things may or may not be more regular during the summer.

Today’s post is a snarky one; next week should be back to the “cool programming features”. It came to mind when viewing a Mac Rumors article, “Snow Leopard Videos Demonstrating Several New Features Surface”. You can take a moment to skim the news/rumor, then come back and see if you agree with me.