Belkadan Software

Belkadan Software was a one-person development team that created software to provide that one feature you really want. The developer behind Belkadan Software is Jordy Rose, a long-time Mac user and a graduate from UC Berkeley. Today, he works at Apple on the Clang compiler under the name "Jordan Rose".

Unless otherwise specified, all products and source code on this site are licensed under a modified version of the X License. That means you can use and modify the source code in your own products, free, GPL, or proprietary. (Attribution appreciated but not required.) Source for some products is available on Github. Please don't steal outright, however; you may not download these programs (in source or binary form) and then sell them to others.

The name "Belkadan" refers to a certain planet in the Star Wars universe at the edge of the known galaxy, the first to fall in an extragalactic invasion in the New Jedi Order series. The initials "B.S." are entirely coincidental.

Many of the images on this site were created by Belkadan Software, but many others came from talented artists elsewhere on the Internet.

For suggestions, comments, bug reports, etc., email, or send a message to @belkadan, though it is unlikely that any of these programs will see new releases.

Belkadan Software

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